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Sedona Web Design & Development

Sedona Sky custom designs beautiful websites that are clean, organized, search engine friendly and easy to navigate. Our talented designers take the time to listen and tune in to your unique sense of style and then work with you to create a website that best suits your needs and budget.

The Design Process
Our first meeting with clients is always FREE. In this meeting you will have the opportunity to assess our skills and communicate your vision. We will then give you feedback and guidance and a written estimate for your project.

Once you approve our estimate, we will get to work creating your site. To ensure that we are staying on track with your project, we will show you proofs at each stage of the process and seek your feedback. Although we are are quite capable of working independently, with little direction, we are also very open to receiving direction from clients.

We will always do our best to design your website within the original time estimated. However, if additional requests made during the design process appear to be pushing us past that estimate, we will notify you immediately so that you can make the appropriate choices for yourself and there are no billing surprises at the end of the project.

Redesigning an Existing Website
Do you have a website in need of a makeover? With the internet world changing so quickly, it's important to make sure your site looks modern and up to date. However, if your site currently has good search engine placement, it is vital to choose a web designer who will ensure that none of that placement is lost in the redesign process. Our designers have the technical knowledge to ensure that your site retains its search engine placement after the new look has been published.

Website Maintenance
Once your website is up and running, we will always be available to make updates. We can also teach you how to make simple text edits to your custom designed website or, if you would like to have more control over the content of your site, we can teach you how to maintain your own site using one of our Content Management systems.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
All of our sites are optimized and designed to be search engine friendly. However, depending on how competitive your keywords are, more may be needed to help you gain and retain good search engine placement. Our experienced professionals will advise you up front as to what will be needed so that you make the best possible investment of your resources in the short and long term. Click here for detailed information on our SEO services.