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Businesses cannot afford to be offline for hours or days while you stay on hold with a 'consumer class' hosting company. We know most of our customers personally and feel obligated to provide only the best. So, we provide 'business class' hosting as we provide the reliability and speed that businesses need. Plus, when you need help, we offer prompt, friendly customer service. We truly care about the success of your business. 

We use state-of-the-art, highly optimized secure servers equipped with plenty of RAM to ensure fast serving of your content. We keep dozens of backups of your site from dozens of dates. So if you think you have lost an important file, we can almost certainly recover it for you. 'Consumer hosts' usually provide only one or two backups so, if your site happens to get hacked and you do not find out about it in time, there may be no good copy of your site to restore. Many of our clients have migrated away from consumer hosts because of such an experience and they tell of stories of having to re-build their site almost from scratch. We will not let that happen to you!

Our Control Panel (Cpanel)
You can manage your domain with virtually no web experience. We provide all the applications you need in one place. With just a couple of clicks, you can install dozens of self-install applications such as Wordpress and Joomla . 

We offer Free web forwarding (point multiple domains to your home page), POP email accounts or GoogleWorkspace Email and Free secure (SSL) and much more.

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Cpanel web hosting